Abyss tours & rentals

Explore the island by kayak and visit the popular caves, or take a Jetski and visit other islands, or take bike and cycle around the island and discover the island’s hidden charms. Be active on vacation

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Kayaks are for 2 adults (+ 1 child) / 2 oars in each kayak / life jackets for all persons

Note: It is recommended to start early in the morning / example. start at 9:00

Use of the activity is at your own risk! Parents are responsible for their children!

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Jet Ski for two adults / life jackets / instructions

Note: gliding in the bay is strictly prohibited / Minimum driving distance from the coast is 500 m (o.3 mi) / Minimum distance to other vessels is 100 m / Driving is at your own risk!

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Cube MTB unisex frame /  27" & 29" wheels /  Disc brakes and grip tires

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