Rent a SUP board

# dovršiti tekstove

Feel free and experience the charms of the island with kayaks. Row kayaks and explore its hidden coves and caves along magnificent cliffs.

Location: on the beach in front of the TUI Blue hotel in Donje Čelo

What is included:

* Kayak is for 2 adults (+ 1 child)
* Life jacket for all is included
* 2 kayak paddles

* Storage space for personal belongings in a kayak and a bottle holder


Note: It takes about 2 hours to get to the Blue Cave and back, about 3 hours to make a circle around the whole island (distance about 10 km)

Driving notes: Keep a safe distance from swimmers, boats and rocks!


note: prices are per kayak (1 kayak is for 2 adults (+ 1 child))

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